SPECIAL EDITION: Woodman’s Sports and Convention Center — How much, how soon, and how much money. Why now?

A special edition of the Rock County Citizens Academy is scheduled for 6 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 17, 2022 at the Italian House, 1603 East Racine Street in Janesville.

Bill McCoshen, Owner/President of the Janesville Jets will be Rich Gruber’s guest to answer those very questions and more.

This is your opportunity to learn the history of this proposed Ice Arena/Convention Center that grew from a modest public/private partnership project into two sheets of ice, and full convention center at a price tag of $60 million, at last count.

The Janesville City Council is tentatively planning to set aside a few minutes at its Nov. 28, 2022 meeting to discuss the project and consider its future.

Your tax dollars for the next 20 years or so will be up for discussion.

Because of that, shouldn’t you know ahead of time what the plan is? You don’t want to wake up some morning and see it on your tax bill obligations without at least knowing what is on the line for your financial future.

Seating is limited so plan to arrive early for this important discussion on Nov. 17 before your future may be decided when the City Council meets next.

There will be opportunities for you to address your questions to Rich and his guest, so come prepared to be a part of the only forum scheduled before the City Council meets at the end of the month to chart a direction for this project.

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  1. Make it a referendum so all can decide, were taxing to much in this town, people on fixed income cannot take these added increases anymore. Just because one group has an idea doesn’t mean we all support or approve it and most of all don’t want to pay for it!

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